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Arm Lift

Aging causes the upper arm skin to become loose and flabby. A surgical procedure called brachioplasty, also known as “arm lift surgery,” can remove and tighten this loose skin to reduce the circumference of the upper arms. Dr. Messa can include liposuction as a part of your arm lift procedure to remove excess fatty deposits. Arm lift surgery can correct upper arm “bat wings” and make the upper arms more youthfully toned and firm.

Who Can Benefit?


As the skin ages, the natural production of collagen and elastin diminish. This causes the skin everywhere on the body to slowly sag and lose its vitality. In the upper arms, this sagging, excess skin can hang in such a way that it gives the impression you have “bat wings.” Arm lift surgery can counteract the effects of aging by tightening the skin of the upper arms so that they are tight and toned instead of loose and flabby.

What Do You Desire?

Many people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of their upper arms tend to avoid certain clothing items. For instance, you may avoid tight-fitting clothing, sleeveless clothing, short-sleeved tops, and bathing suits so that others will not see your upper arms. An arm lift can save you from feeling limited to just a few clothing options and give you the freedom to wear what you want. Arm lift patients usually feel a sense of freedom to wear the clothing they love without worrying about what others will think.

Addressing Your Concerns

  • Recovery

    You should be able to return home shortly after your arm lift surgery. Your surgical incisions will be closed with absorbable sutures that will dissolve on their own, so you will not need to return to have them removed. You will be given compression garments to help your upper arms heal, minimize swelling, and reduce scarring. Most patients feel ready to return to work approximately three or four days after surgery.

    There will be some initial swelling and bruising that will typically subside within two weeks. For the first two weeks after surgery, patients should wear comfortable tops that open in the front and should avoid lifting the arms above the head. By carefully following Dr. Messa’s postoperative instructions, you can greatly reduce the possibility of risks and complications during your recovery. After three to four weeks, you should be able to gradually resume exercise.

  • Scars

    Your specific conditions may determine the extent of the incisions required for your brachioplasty. Generally, the required incisions will extend from each armpit to the elbow and be hidden on the insides of the upper arms. These scars usually heal well after wearing a compression garment during recovery. Liposuction, where needed, requires only very small incisions that are usually indistinguishable once healed. Any scarring will fade over time.

  • Cost

    Tightening and toning the upper arms with brachioplasty requires great dedication and skill from your surgeon, and the cost of your procedure may reflect this. The cost of brachioplasty is decided on an individual basis and is determined by factors such as surgical technique, surgical fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, and the location of the surgery. More details about the cost will be provided to you prior to your procedure.

  • Pain

    The surgical techniques used in arm lift surgery may lead to some discomfort during recovery. Pain medications will be prescribed to alleviate any associated pain. These medications are typically only needed for a few days after surgery, if at all.

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