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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Breast Implant Removal in Weston, Florida

Breast augmentation helps women attain a desirable, shapely, and balanced chest contour through the addition of breast implants. Unfortunately, some women are not pleased with the outcome of their procedure while others may experience complications that need to be addressed. Breast implant removal allows women to redo their breast augmentation by exchanging or removing their undesirable implants.

Who Can Benefit?

Breast implant removal alters the appearance of a previous breast augmentation, regardless of whether or not complications were experienced. Breast implant removal is beneficial in several situations, including:

A Desire to Change Implant Size

Choosing the appropriate implants for you can be challenging, and some women do not know what they want until after the implants have already been selected and placed. Breast implant removal allows women to change the size, shape, and material of their implants, or remove them entirely.

Implant Rupture

Implant rupture occurs when the silicone shell of a saline or silicone implant develops a tear, allowing the inner contents to seep into the surrounding tissue. While not physically harmful, implant rupture can cause discomfort and undesirable changes in breast appearance. Breast implant removal addresses this issue by removing and replacing the damaged implant.

Other Implant Complications

Implants are generally long lasting and reliable. Unfortunately, complications can occur. Capsular contracture develops when the scar tissue that forms around an implant hardens and tightens, and implant displacement occurs when an implant moves from its constructed breast pocket. Breast implant removal can repair these issues and restore the breasts.

What Do You Desire?

Larger Breasts Featured Model

Larger Breasts

After breast augmentation, women commonly report wishing they had chosen a larger, more prominent implant. Breast implant removal allows these women to remove their smaller implants and replace them more voluptuous implants.

Smaller Breasts Featured Model

Smaller Breasts

After getting breast implants, some women decide that their augmented breasts are not ideal for their desired body contour or lifestyle. Breast implant removal helps women who want to remove their implants permanently or choose a smaller, more conservative size.

More Symmetrical Breasts Featured Model

More Symmetrical Breasts

While implants are often used to improve breast symmetry, they can sometimes worsen the problem. This asymmetry may have occurred during the augmentation healing process or as a result of implant rupture. Breast implant removal can rectify asymmetry that results from an initial breast procedure.

Enhanced Comfort Featured Model

Enhanced Comfort

Implant complications pose as much of a threat to comfort as they do to aesthetics. Complications like capsular contracture or a silicone implant rupture can cause significant pain and irritation to the breasts. Implant removal is the only way to remedy this discomfort.

Addressing Your Concerns

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