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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Otoplasty in Weston, Florida

Do you or your child have prominent or protruding ears that lead to suffering from feelings of self-consciousness and teasing from others? Children with big ears are often the victims of schoolyard bullying, and the resulting feelings of social anxiety can persist into adulthood. Adults with prominent ears may struggle with poor self-image and limited social opportunities. Otoplasty is a corrective surgery that can help adults or children achieve more natural-looking and less noticeable ears, thereby eliminating this source of peer ridicule, anxiety, and self-consciousness.

What Do You Desire?

Stronger Self-Confidence

If you are unhappy with your appearance, this can translate to a lack of happiness and confidence in who you are. Poor self-confidence can limit your quality of life at any age. It may prevent you from feeling like you can achieve your goals, make friends, form lasting relationships, or accomplish anything worthwhile. Others may treat you disrespectfully based on your appearance, further diminishing your self-esteem. Stronger self-confidence can be built by undergoing otoplasty to give you a normal ear appearance about which you can feel comfortable and confident.

Comfort With Your Appearance

Protruding ears may make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You may find yourself resorting to wearing hats or growing out your hair to conceal your ears. With ear surgery, there is no need to hide your ears. Otoplasty can help you feel comfortable with your appearance by giving your ears a more natural shape and angle so that they do not draw unwanted attention.

Better Social Opportunities

Prominent ears can elicit peer ridicule and isolate you from others. For children, this can prevent others from wanting to be their friend because they would risk facing the same type of bullying. For adults, it can prevent others from taking you seriously or from considering you as a romantic partner. Enhancing your appearance with ear surgery can help improve social opportunities for adults and children alike.

Who Can Benefit?

While anyone with protruding ears can benefit from otoplasty, children and adults may benefit in different ways.
Children Featured Model


Children, sometimes unwittingly, can be cruel to each other by drawing attention to each other’s unusual characteristics. Schoolchildren can mock and bully based on physical characteristics such as overly protruding ears. At this particularly vulnerable time of life, children may develop emotional and psychological trauma as a result of this ridicule and become isolated from their peers. Otoplasty can be performed as early as age seven to reshape the ear cartilage and create a more natural appearance. By offering this procedure for your child, you can help save them from teasing, bullying, and anxiety and prepare them for a more normal and comfortable life.

Adults Featured Model


Adults with prominent ears may no longer deal with the outspoken ridicule that is common on the playground, but they may suffer other disadvantages. Social and work opportunities may be limited due to the awkward appearance portrayed by their large, jutting-out ears. Additionally, adults may suffer from the memory of childhood teasing and subsequent emotional trauma and social anxiety. Otoplasty can normalize the appearance of the ears and help heal emotional scars, allowing you to feel more confident and comfortable about your appearance.

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