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Male Breast Reduction

Is excessive breast growth preventing you from having the masculine chest you desire? Men who suffer from enlarged male breasts may feel embarrassment, awkwardness, social anxiety, and emotional and psychological trauma. Male breast reduction surgery can permanently eliminate gynecomastia and create a firmer and better-contoured chest.

Who Can Benefit?

Gynecomastia surgery is customized to each patient to give you tailored results. The technique that is best for your needs depends on the category with which you most identify.

Some men develop localized chest fat that mimics the appearance of male breasts. Most often, this occurs in men who have gained an excessive amount of weight. Weight loss is often an effective remedy for pseudo gynecomastia. If weight loss has not worked for you, male breast reduction using liposuction can eliminate the pockets of fat and give you a flatter chest.

What Do You Desire?


A More Masculine Figure

Male breasts can feminize your appearance, eliciting social anxiety and the potential for peer ridicule. Most men who have this condition wish that they could have a more masculine figure. Gynecomastia surgery can permanently eliminate male breasts to produce a manlier chest and body shape.

Addressing Your Concerns

  • Recovery

    During recovery, you should rest and avoid strenuous physical activities so that your body has the energy to heal from the procedure. Recovery after male breast reduction usually lasts one week, at which point most men are ready to return to work and normal daily activities.


    Exercise should be avoided for three weeks to one month after surgery. You will be advised as to when you can resume your regular exercise routine.

  • Scars

    Depending on the techniques used for your surgery, you may have some visible scarring. Surgical incisions are typically hidden along the edges of the areolas so that they blend in with the natural change in skin coloration. Any scarring that develops is likely to fade over time.

  • Cost

    Achieving attractive, masculine results with male breast reduction requires the skill and dedication of your surgeon, and the cost of your male breast reduction may reflect this. The cost of each procedure is decided on a patient-by-patient basis because many factors can affect the price of gynecomastia surgery. Surgical fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, and technique can all impact the final price of your procedure.

  • Pain

    Patients may feel some discomfort during recovery from male breast reduction. Oral pain medications will be prescribed to alleviate any associated pain. Any discomfort usually subsides after a few days.

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