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Male Breast Reduction in Weston, Florida

Is excessive breast growth preventing you from having the masculine chest you desire? Men who suffer from enlarged male breasts may feel embarrassment, awkwardness, social anxiety, and emotional and psychological trauma. Male breast reduction surgery can permanently eliminate gynecomastia and create a firmer and better-contoured chest.

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Who Can Benefit?

Gynecomastia surgery is customized to each patient to give you tailored results. The technique that is best for your needs depends on the category with which you most identify.

Localized Chest Fat

Some men develop localized chest fat that mimics the appearance of male breasts. Most often, this occurs in men who have gained an excessive amount of weight. Weight loss is often an effective remedy for pseudo gynecomastia. If weight loss has not worked for you, male breast reduction using liposuction can eliminate the pockets of fat and give you a flatter chest.

Excessive Breast Growth

Some men develop excessive breast growth due to hormonal imbalances, certain medications, steroid or drug use, or other factors. Gynecomastia may sometimes go away on its own; for instance, gynecomastia may resolve once an adolescent male reaches adulthood or after a man stops using a certain medication. Even so, for many males it is best to eliminate breast tissue through gynecomastia surgery.

Enlarged Breasts With Surplus Fat and Excess Skin

Some men have enlarged breasts that include surplus amounts of fat, glandular tissue, and skin. If this is the case, male breasts can significantly reduce quality of life. In addition to causing emotional and psychological damage, male breasts can be uncomfortable and unhygienic. They may also limit your confidence and prevent you from feeling like you can comfortably bare your chest or wear fitted clothing. Male breast reduction with liposuction and surgical excision can eliminate excess skin, glandular tissue, and fat to create a more masculine and attractive chest contour.

What Do You Desire?

A More Masculine Figure

Male breasts can feminize your appearance, eliciting social anxiety and the potential for peer ridicule. Most men who have this condition wish that they could have a more masculine figure. Gynecomastia surgery can permanently eliminate male breasts to produce a manlier chest and body shape.

Better Hygiene & Comfort

Enlarged male breast tissue can be uncomfortable or even painful. It can also create folds and creases in the skin, leading to skin irritation and hygiene issues. Elimination of gynecomastia can improve skin hygiene and increase comfort and mobility.

Greater Confidence

Even though gynecomastia is quite common, most men with male breast growth suffer from poor self-confidence. If you have this condition, you may struggle with feelings of loneliness, embarrassment, and anxiety. Gynecomastia surgery eliminates the root of these issues so that you can experience greater confidence and a more positive self-image.

A More Youthful & Virile Appearance

Men with gynecomastia may feel that the condition gives them a soft, weak, and aged appearance. Male breasts can portray a different image than the man you feel you are. Surgery to eliminate excess breast tissue creates a better chest contour for an overall more masculine figure. Most men will look more youthful and virile after their procedure.

Addressing Your Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions


    Many factors can contribute to gynecomastia, including hormonal imbalances (such as during puberty or andropause), hormone deficiencies, certain medications or medical conditions, the use of steroids or drugs, and weight gain. Sometimes a reconciliation of the related issue (such as losing weight, stopping the use of steroids, or hormone therapy) can eliminate gynecomastia without a need for surgery.


    Candidates should be healthy males who are emotionally stable and have firm, elastic skin that will reshape to the new chest contour. The best candidates for male breast reduction surgery have investigated all possible causes of gynecomastia with their doctor and have determined that gynecomastia surgery is the best solution. Individuals who smoke, consume excess amounts of alcohol, or take anabolic steroids are not good candidates for this procedure.


    General anesthesia is typically used for male breast reduction surgery to ensure patient comfort and safety.


    The two surgical approaches in male breast reduction are liposuction and surgical excision. Fat removal is performed using liposuction, while the removal of glandular breast tissue and any excess skin is performed using surgical excision. After excision, the remaining tissues are lifted and reshaped to create a smoother chest shape. The technique that is most appropriate for you will be determined based on the characteristics of your gynecomastia.


    The results of gynecomastia surgery are permanent as long as the patient remains in good health after the procedure. However, if there is a medical condition or lifestyle element causing your gynecomastia, surgery will not be able to stop it from returning. Men should work with their doctors to determine the most likely cause of their gynecomastia and if possible, treat it at the source to be sure it is permanently eliminated after male breast reduction. Most men will have long-lasting results if they avoid gaining weight or using steroids, drugs, or medications known to contribute to gynecomastia.

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