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Body Lift

There is no question that diet and exercise can do wonders in contouring the body. However, sometimes when childbirth, major weight loss, or aging have overstretched the tissues and muscles, surgical assistance is the only way to get the body back into shape. A body lift (also called a “lower body lift” or “belt lipectomy”) offers a dramatic transformation of the mid and lower body. Body lift surgery can re-sculpt the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs to redefine your silhouette and create a more naturally pleasing silhouette.

Who Can Benefit?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing can sometimes leave permanent, negative effects on a mother’s body. Overly stretched abdominal skin, weakened core muscles, and fat accumulation can completely alter your figure so that it looks nothing like its pre-baby state. A body lift can help post-pregnancy mothers in need of surgical attention for the entire midsection and thighs to achieve a more youthful and toned figure.

What Do You Desire?


One of the primary areas of focus in body lift surgery is the abdomen. This area of the body can be significantly and adversely affected by pregnancy, aging, genetics, and weight fluctuations. Many individuals are dissatisfied with their perpetual stomach pooch, flaccid stomach muscles, stubborn belly fat, and sagging abdominal skin. The body lift includes a tummy tuck to tighten, firm, and recontour the abdomen so that it looks more youthful and trim.

Addressing Your Concerns

  • Recovery

    Because a body lift targets so many areas at once, the recovery is longer than some other plastic surgery procedures. Most patients should plan to be out of work for three weeks, although some may be able to resume limited work functions by two weeks after surgery. After your surgery, your incisions will be closed with absorbable sutures, and you may be given surgical drains to minimize fluid buildup. Compression garments will help provide support and reduce swelling and scarring. Some pain and discomfort may be present during the initial recovery period. Swelling and bruising typically last for two to three weeks.


    It is recommended that you have a companion be with you for approximately two weeks after surgery to help you around the house and take care of your needs. Dr. Messa will provide you with careful and detailed postoperative instructions that you should follow to reduce your risk of complications. To further reduce your risk of injury or complications, avoid exercise for at least six weeks or until Dr. Messa has given his approval.

  • Scars

    As with any major surgery, the body lift procedure is likely to leave scars where the incisions are made. These scars will typically be in the lower abdomen and extend around the outside of the hips. Body lift scars can be hidden by most clothing and usually heal well when compression garments are worn during recovery. The extent of scarring will be affected by your body’s ability to heal. Scarring will usually fade over time and can be minimized by avoiding sun exposure to the affected area.

  • Cost

    A body lift requires a significant amount of skill, expertise, and dedication on the part of your surgeon, and the cost of your procedure may reflect this. The price of body lift surgery is decided on a case-by-case basis and will be influenced by factors including surgical location, technique, facility and surgical fees, and the cost of anesthesia. Details about the anticipated cost will be provided to you well before your procedure.

  • Pain

    Because body lift surgery is extensive and will require healing, patients may experience some pain or discomfort during recovery after body lift surgery. Temporary pain medications are prescribed to alleviate discomfort as the body tissues heal.

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