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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Laser Hair Removal in Weston, Florida

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For many people, excess body hair can make them feel unattractive or uncomfortable. These people spend plenty of time looking for the best ways to remove body hair for smooth, hair-free skin. For some, conventional hair removal methods such as shaving or hair removal creams may be too harsh or not remove enough hair to make a difference.

For these patients, laser hair removal may be the solution to safely and effectively remove hair all over the body and face. Laser hair removal uses concentrated light energy to penetrate hair follicles and remove unwanted hair in a minimally invasive way. In the long term, laser hair removal actually works to slow hair growth, leading to a decrease in unwanted hair.

The elōs Plus® device is used to deliver pulses of laser light to remove hair for smooth, attractive skin.


Any patients who have concerns about unwanted or excessive hair growth can be a good candidate for laser hair removal using the elōs Plus® device. Laser hair removal can be used for removal of hair from the face and most areas of the body. Special care should be taken for candidates who have darker skin, as the intense light energy can change pigment or even damage skin.

Procedure Details

Weston Cosmetic Surgery Center uses the elōs Plus® device, a revolutionary system that combines optical (laser and light) and radio frequency (RF) energies to deliver comfortable, yet powerfully effective treatments. The combined energies of the elōs Plus® device enables it to reach a deeper penetration of heat and light with a lower amount of energy, leading to an efficient but gentle treatment. The device also comes equipped with sapphire contact cooling, which provides immediate patient comfort during treatment and further protects the skin and tissue.

Patients will meet with Belinda Piaget, our Medical Esthetician and Licensed Laser Hair Removal Specialist, to discuss their concerns and cosmetic goals. On the day of treatment, the elōs Plus® device will be used to deliver pulses of laser light to areas with unwanted hair, weakening and disabling hair follicles. There may be some discomfort, and patients may need a series of treatments to fully remove hair. Patients will also need repeated treatments to continue to keep unwanted hair away.

Recovery Guide

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment that can be completed quickly with minimal to no side effects. Patients may experience some swelling or redness in the areas where the elōs Plus® device was used. There could also be some mild itching, blistering, or some other form of temporary skin irritation. Typically, these effects resolve quickly.

Expected Results

Using the elōs Plus® device for hair removal delivers powerful results that are immediately apparent from the first treatment. Unwanted hair looks less dark, feels less thick or coarse, and ultimately disappears as treatments are continued. Laser hair removal is not a permanent solution, but the elōs Plus® device is an effective way to keep unwanted hair at bay safely for beautiful, smooth skin.

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