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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Neck Lift in Weston, Florida

It’s common for patients with signs of aging in their face to think they need a facelift when they actually need a neck lift. Neck muscles that have become weak or skin that sags from the jawline can prevent you from having a smooth, youthful appearance. Addressing a loose neck profile can restore graceful and attractive contours to the neck and jawline.

What Do You Desire?

Jawline Definition

Definition can be obscured at the jawline by excess skin and fat. For many patients, this lack of definition creates the appearance of a double chin or rounded face. A defined, chiseled jawline is improved by crafting overall facial beauty. While some correction can be achieved by treating the skin around the jawline, the neck lift specifically targets the sagging skin below the jawline for more dramatic results.

Smooth Neck

Vertical banding and wrinkles along the neck can significantly age your appearance. The careful draping process of the neck lift is designed to smooth away these unwanted signs of aging. Dr. Messa’s draping technique focuses on creating the most natural appearance while maintaining the youthful complexion you desire.

Slimmer Neck

Weak platysma muscles and excess tissue can cause the neck to appear short or bulky. A corset suture technique targets the weak platysma muscles, pulling them tight. Removing excess skin helps restore definition along the neck. The combination of these two techniques results in a slimmer, more graceful neck appearance.

Neck Lift Techniques

Traditional Neck Lift Featured Model

Traditional Neck Lift

Depending on the technique chosen for your procedure, incisions may be placed behind the ears, under the chin, or in a combination of locations

  • A corset platysmaplasty is performed on patients with weak neck muscles
  • Excess skin is excised through the incisions
  • The remaining tissue is gently draped
  • Incisions are closed and bandaged
Neck Lift & Facelift Featured Model

Neck Lift & Facelift

A combination neck lift and facelift is designed to treat patients that have facial aging in the lower two-thirds of their face and down towards the neck

These patients are typically looking to improve sagging of the lower face and neck

Addressing both areas of aging will provide you with better, longer-lasting results

Neck Lift & Liposuction Featured Model

Neck Lift & Liposuction

Liposuction can be added to any neck lift procedure to treat excess fat tissue

Liposuction is ideal for treating fatty, double chins or for enhancing definition along the neck

Most liposuction techniques use discreetly placed incisions that won’t result in any additional scarring

Addressing Your Concerns

Before & After

Neck Lift in Weston, Florida Before Patient 1
Neck Lift in Weston, Florida After Patient 1
Neck Lift in Weston, Florida Before Patient 2
Neck Lift in Weston, Florida After Patient 2

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