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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Buttock Enhancement in Weston, Florida

Due to aging and weight fluctuations, the butt tends to lose size and shape over time. This can affect the overall contours of the butt and thighs. Many women find that their flat backside prevents them from having the flattering physique they desire. Buttock enhancement surgery can help patients achieve a curvaceous, well-proportioned butt that complements the rest of their body. This procedure is carried out via fat transfer, which involves the removal of fat from one area of the body using liposuction and injecting the purified fat to shape and add volume to the buttocks.

Common Reasons for Having Buttock Enhancement


When fat is injected into the buttocks, it will be molded and shaped to create a more “round” appearance. Patients can expect firmer, more attractive contours after undergoing buttock enhancement. By adding volume and restoring the shape of the butt, patients can also achieve even curves that create a balanced appearance with the rest of the body.


After buttock enhancement surgery, many people find that their clothing fits better and that they can wear styles they typically steered away from before surgery due to lack of shape. Overall, butt enhancement patients find that they are more comfortable and confident in their own skin and have a better self-image.

Natural Results

By undergoing a buttock enhancement with the fat transfer technique, patients can expect the most natural-looking results possible. Considering it is the patient’s own fat being transferred from one area of their body to another, there is nothing “plastic” or prosthetic that is restoring volume to the buttock region. Using one’s own body fat is as natural as buttock enhancement surgery can get.

Common Buttock Enhancement Concerns

As with any surgical procedure, people may be apprehensive and have many concerns in regards to undergoing butt enhancement surgery. With minimal pain and discomfort, this procedure is safe and effective, and it can help patients achieve satisfying results.


Many people are afraid of having visible scarring. Buttock enhancement involves only small incisions in the targeted areas to remove excess fat, and thin needles are used to inject the fat into the buttocks. Therefore, no scarring will be visible on the buttocks, and only minimal scarring may be apparent in the liposuction area that will fade over time.


The fat transfer technique for butt enhancement requires a similar recovery to liposuction, including about one week off of work and several weeks of refraining from strenuous activities. After butt augmentation, patients should also refrain from putting pressure on their buttocks for several weeks.


With the latest liposuction techniques involving the gentle removal of fat, patients experience minimal pain and discomfort. Some minor swelling and bruising may be apparent for the first few weeks, and any discomfort can be controlled with prescribed medication.


Considering that buttock enhancement involves the transfer of one’s own fat, typically it is safe and poses no risk of allergic reactions. Most patients have a positive recovery and rarely experience any major complications.

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