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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Rhinoplasty in Weston, Florida

As the central focus of the face, your nose plays an important role in creating a balanced, attractive facial appearance. For many men and women, a poorly proportioned or shaped nose can dramatically impact how comfortable and confident they are with their appearance. Many teens and adults suffer from a nose that lacks aesthetic appeal by being too large, too short, or too wide. Natural or trauma-caused deformities can also affect the breathing function of the nose. Dr. Messa performs rhinoplasty to improve your nasal structure, enhance your appearance, and restore balance to your facial features.

Who Can Benefit?

Natural Deformities

Many men and women are born with a poorly proportioned nose, or sometimes their nose naturally grows out of balance with the rest of their facial features. In many cases, an undesirable nasal appearance is the result of a nose that is naturally too long or too short. Some patients suffer from a drooping nasal tip that affects the overall appearance of the nose.

Crookedness Due to Trauma

Dr. Messa sees many patients who have suffered trauma to the nose that has affected their appearance. Trauma typically causes nasal humps or wide bridges to form. Rhinoplasty is the ideal treatment for sculpting damaged nasal structures to help restore an attractive facial balance.

Nasal Obstructions

A deviated septum occurs when the cartilage that separates the nasal passages is crooked. The obstruction to one or more nasal pathways causes difficulties breathing and can lead to snoring. A septoplasty is a specific type of nose surgery designed to correct a deviated septum and restore the functional capabilities of the nose.

What Do You Desire?

Facial Balance Featured Model

Facial Balance

Improving the size and shape of the nose can restore a better balance to your facial appearance. An overly large nose can create the appearance of a receding chin and dwarf your other facial features. Dr. Messa’s rhinoplasty technique ensures that your newly sculpted nose works harmoniously with your other facial features to restore balance and enhance your appearance.

A Natural Aesthetic Featured Model

A Natural Aesthetic

Dr. Messa’s custom rhinoplasty techniques ensure that your newly crafted nose best highlights your natural facial features. The goal of any rhinoplasty is to provide you with the best nasal appearance possible and results that are virtually undetectable. Inconspicuous scarring and tailored results come together to achieve a natural aesthetic.

Confidence Featured Model


While rhinoplasty visibly corrects the nasal structures, the biggest change will be to your confidence level. For many men and women, restoring their facial balance with natural-looking results helps them feel more comfortable in their bodies and appearance. People who are more at ease with themselves tend to be more confident, which can positively impact other aspects of your life.

Addressing Your Concerns

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