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3 Ways Breast Reduction Can Change Your Life

Posted April 21, 2020 in Breast Reduction

3 Minute Read:  While breast augmentation surgery is still the most popular breast procedure, some women may be better suited for a breast reduction.  Overly large breasts can become cumbersome and place extra pressure on the spine, which can create back, neck, or chest pain. Large breasts can also limit movement and impact your ability […]

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How Can Breast Reduction Surgery Change Your Life?

Posted November 23, 2015 in Breast Reduction

Some women don’t realize how significantly their lives are affected by their overly large breasts. Health problems, pain, clothing difficulties, embarrassment, and limited physical movement are only a few of the problems caused by oversized, cumbersome breasts. If you experience any of these issues associated with having overly large breasts, here is how breast reduction […]

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Lose Unnecessary Breast Weight

Posted March 09, 2015 in Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Weston, FL We all know the old adage that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. Usually that tipping point is when it begins to cause pain and/or inconvenience. You’ve definitely had too much cake when your pants don’t button anymore or you’ve ran too many miles if you’re dry-heaving […]

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How to Prepare for Recovery After Breast Surgery

Posted November 12, 2014 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Uncategorized

Although cosmetic breast surgeries like breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift, are very common and safe, they are all major surgeries that involve a recovery period. Below are some helpful tips from Dr. Messa to make your entire recovery process as quick and seamless as possible. Arrange for someone to care for you after […]

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Do I Need a Breast Lift or a Breast Reduction?

Posted July 07, 2014 in Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

Women with sagging breasts often do not know if a breast lift or a breast reduction will be the best procedure to meet their needs. Both procedures will lift the breasts to a more youthful position, reduce the size of the areola if necessary, and improve the shape of the breasts. The incisions for both […]

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Top Cosmetic Procedures For Children and Teens

Posted November 27, 2013 in Breast Reduction, Gynecomastia Surgery, Otoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Skin Treatment, Teenagers & Children

Whether it’s because of constant bombardments of unkind remarks, upcoming school dances, or college interviews, adolescents feel the need to look great. To do so, with the permission of their parent or guardian, some teens turn to cosmetic surgery. In 2012, there were over 130,500 cosmetic procedures performed on individuals 18 years old and under. […]

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