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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Fat Facts: What to Eat and What to Avoid

Posted May 19, 2015 in Liposuction

Some people wrongly believe that they should eat as little fat as possible, but there are certain fats that you should eat and unhealthy fats you should avoid. While bad fats have been shown to increase the risk of developing certain diseases (in addition to contributing to weight gain), good fats are needed to protect your overall health and can even help control your weight.

Good Fats to Eat healthy fats

Healthy fats protect the heart, lower cholesterol, increase mental clarity, and boost mood. Fat is also filling, which can help curb your appetite and prevent overeating. Unsaturated fats (mono- and poly-) should be incorporated into your daily meals.

Good fats

Bad Fats to Avoid

Trans fat and saturated fats increase bad cholesterol and contribute to disease. These fats tend to be solid at room temperature (so you can imagine how they clog your arteries). It is best to completely eliminate trans fat from your diet and reduce your intake of saturated fats as much as possible.
Bad fats

Liposuction for Stubborn Fat

If you’ve followed a healthy diet and exercise routine but have still been unable to rid your body of stubborn fat, liposuction can help you reach your goals. Liposuction removes localized fat through a thin, hollow tube (cannula) with a suctioning device. As you finally eliminate those last stubborn inches, you’ll be able to wear a wider variety of clothing and have more confidence.

If you’re interested in achieving more slender contours through liposuction, schedule a consultation with Weston Cosmetic Surgery Center. Call (954) 659-7760 or fill out our online contact form today. Dr. Messa and his attentive staff look forward to seeing you soon!

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