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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

How Can FTM Breast Surgery Improve Daily Living?

Posted February 12, 2021 in FTM Top Surgery, Transgender Surgery

2 Minute Read: 

If you are a transgender male, your breasts are one more thing getting in the way of you living your life confidently and comfortably.

Happy man with a backpack smiling on a hike.

Breasts are a constant reminder that your body does not match who you are, and this can cause transgender males to feel self-conscious of their body. Top surgery is often the first part of transgender male’s aesthetic masculinization transformation.

Thankfully, plastic surgeons can perform female-to-male top surgery to give patients the gift of happiness and confidence. Female-to-male breast surgery is a simple procedure that can significantly change someone’s life for the better. 

How Is Daily Life Improved with Top Surgery? 

1. There Is No Need to Conceal Your Breasts 

Breasts can be difficult and even impossible to conceal on a daily basis, and many transgender males conceal their breasts using binding materials. However, this can be uncomfortable and take a long time to get them the way you want them to look each day. 

The only way to truly hide them is through top surgery. With female to male breast surgery, there is no longer the need to spend a significant amount of time finding ways to conceal your breasts. Female-to-male breast surgery can save you the time and hassle in the morning by giving you the physique you have always wanted. 

2. Daily Activities Are More Comfortable 

Breast binding can be extremely uncomfortable and make normal daily activities painful. The tight binding for long periods can cause your breasts to become sore. Additionally, breast binding is not always safe. If done consistently, breast binding can cause tissue damage, muscle damage, and even impair breathing. Female-to-male breast surgery can help you live life comfortably, without the need for painful, unpleasant breast binding. 

3. You Feel More Like Yourself 

As a transgender male, your breasts are a constant physical reminder of who you used to be. With female-to-male breast surgery, how you look on the outside can match who you are on the inside. 

Feeling confident in yourself and your body plays a key role in your overall happiness. Being able to truly feel like yourself increases confidence and self-esteem, making all aspects of life more enjoyable. Top surgery can help you achieve confidence in who you are and your outward appearance. 

Can I Benefit From Top Surgery? 

Everyone deserves to feel confident and happy in themselves and their appearance. Top surgery can help you achieve the appearance you are longing for. If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from female to male breast surgery, please contact Weston Cosmetic Surgery Center by calling (954) 659-7760 or filling out our online contact form

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