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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

How to Make My Liposuction Recovery Smoother

Posted May 05, 2020 in Liposuction

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As summer approaches, many people are getting ready by tackling their unwanted fat. Liposuction is one of the most popular ways to remove fat from your body and improve body contours.

woman who has healed well after liposuction

Once you’ve had your procedure, the next step is to make it through recovery. Recovery is the last phase before you can fully enjoy your liposuction results, and how you go through recovery has a big effect on your results.

Why Do People Get Liposuction?

Liposuction a popular procedure for a variety of reasons. Many people deal with the negative aspects of stubborn fat that cannot be removed with diet and exercise alone. This is where liposuction comes in. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can remove fat from virtually anywhere on the body. Liposuction can be performed alone but is commonly combined with other procedures like tummy tuck surgery and Mommy Makeover surgery to address loose or sagging skin.

Liposuction is performed under anesthesia and works by inserting a thin tube into the body that gently loosens and removes excess fat using vacuum technology. Since this technique utilizes a very small incision, most patients don’t experience much scarring, which can be a plus.

How to Prepare for Recovery

Putting the effort into preparing for your surgery can help to relieve stress and make life easier when you’re in recovery. Following your surgery, there may be some discomfort, and you may have limited mobility, so setting things up beforehand can save you a lot of hassle. To prepare for liposuction, you may want to:

  • Arrange for someone to drive and assist you following the procedure
  • Prepare healthy meals in advance
  • Be sure that you have loose-fitting, comfortable clothes
  • Prepare your home to make moving around easier and more comfortable

Following these steps can help you to focus on nothing but feeling better and growing stronger. When preparing for recovery, make sure that you have more than enough time to heal. Rushing to get back to strenuous activity can cause complications and affect the outcome of your results.

How to Have a Smoother Liposuction Recovery

Once you have gone through your surgery, your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on how to manage your recovery. Be sure to take your surgeon’s advice on how much time will be needed for healing.

When you are ready to return to regular activity, be sure to go slow and give your body time to adjust. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding smoking will help to promote healing and reduce the risk of scarring.

The food you eat also has a significant effect on your recovery. By avoiding foods that are high in salt and sugar, you can help reduce swelling and boost the immune system.  Eating more protein can also aid in wound healing and cell production.

When you’re ready to return to exercise, try to start with light movement and progress from there.

Want to Learn More?

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