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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Is It Too Late for a Tummy Tuck to Be Recovered by Summer?

Posted January 04, 2022 in Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

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The tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. This procedure improves the body contour by removing excess abdominal fat and skin. It also helps tighten the abdominal muscle to give a patient a better-toned abdomen. 

Tummy tuck surgery is popular among women who have recently given birth or experienced extreme weight loss. But whatever your reason for getting a tummy tuck might be, the objective will be to give you a flatter tummy. 

Close-up of woman's abdomen, wearing a pink bikini with sunglasses

If you are looking forward to spending a part of your summer on the beach wearing a bikini, a tummy tuck will help give you the ability to do it with confidence.

However, it is worth noting that a tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure, and it is going to take you a significant amount of time to recover and heal completely. 

Therefore, if you want to be fully recovered from your tummy tuck surgery by next summer, you need to be aware of the recovery timelines to avoid going for the procedure too late in the year. 

Here is how you can generally expect your recovery to look from the moment you get your tummy tuck.

The First Week

The first week after a tummy tuck will be the most uncomfortable. Of course, your abdomen will be sore, bruised, and swollen. Your surgeon should give you pain medication to help you manage pain and soreness. You will also have to take antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection.

Patients are recommended to take this time to rest as much as possible, only getting up for light walks to keep their circulation healthy. Patients must refrain from strenuous activities and should relax in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Second to Fourth Fifth Week

After one week, you will start noticing a significant reduction in pain and swelling. However, you will still need to wear a compression garment to assist with swelling. 

By the fourth or fifth week, you will be feeling much better, and you might start engaging in light physical exercises. However, you will still have to avoid strenuous activities until you fully recover.

Six Weeks to Six Months

Six weeks after the surgery, you will be strong enough to get back to your day-to-day activities. However, it might take up to six months for the swelling to go away completely. 

Although the recovery journey is long, most patients feel that tummy tuck surgery is well worth it for the body contouring results and boost in self-confidence it provides.

So, Do You Have Time?

Recovering completely from a tummy tuck can take up to six months. 

Therefore, whether you will be ready to comfortably wear your bikini by summer will depend on how far it is from summer. 

If you are planning to have your tummy tuck this winter, then you can rest assured that you will have fully recovered by summer. 

Interested in Learning More?

If you are looking for a reliable plastic surgeon offering tummy tuck surgery, Weston Cosmetic Surgery is an excellent cosmetic surgery facility procedure to consider. Get in touch with us today at 954-659-7760 for information about our services.

You can also learn more about your potential results by visiting our tummy tuck before and after photo gallery.

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