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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Latisse® For Longer Lashes

Posted December 30, 2015 in Latisse®

Benefits of Latisse®There are times when subtle changes in our appearance can dramatically affect our overall beauty. For many women and men, this can be true of the eyelashes. Patients who have full, long lashes probably don’t realize the impact they have on their appearance. However, if you suffer from thinning, short lashes, you may be realizing that your eyes lack some pop and drama. Latisse® can provide long-lasting enhancement to your lashes by improving their length and thickness.

Causes of Thinning Lashes

  • Trauma: Makeup products and how we care for our eyelashes may be causing them to thin. Eyelashes are delicate and prone to falling out. When we pull or damage our lashes, it is more likely that they will thin over time.
  • Disease: If you have a sudden change in the thickness of your eyelashes, it may be the onset of a certain disease. If you notice your eyelashes dramatically thinning, schedule a consultation with your doctor.
  • Medication: Medications with possible side effects that include hair loss may affect the quality of your eyelashes. Your lashes grow in cycles similar to the rest of your hair.
  • Age: It is common to experience lash thinning as you age. Your hair follicles die as you age, causing a decrease in thickness and sometimes length.
  • Genetics: Nature is the most common cause of thin eyelashes. Some people are simply born with thinner and shorter lashes than other people.

Benefits of Latisse®  

Latisse® is a solution that, when regularly applied, will help your eyelashes grow and thicken over time. There are many other techniques to improve the appearance of your lashes, so you may be wondering why to choose Latisse®.

  • Permanence: Unlike false eyelashes, Latisse® will provide consistent and long-lasting correction. Fake lashes easily come off in water and during other physical activities. With Latisse®, you never have to worry about when or where you eyelashes can look better.
  • Length and color enhancement: Latisse® can provide the aesthetic enhancement that mascara cannot provide. Makeup can only transform what already exists. Latisse®, on the other hand, will grow your lashes, improve their thickness, and deepen their color.
  • Saving time: Applying Latisse® is a quick, once-a-day process that can easily be incorporated into your morning or night routine, whereas enhancing your lashes every day using makeup or false eyelash can become increasingly time-consuming and frustrating.

If you desire fuller, thicker lashes, schedule your consultation with Dr. Messa to see if Latisse® is right for you. Contact our office at 954.659.7760 or fill out our online contact form here for additional information.
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