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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

When to Consider Breast Revision

Posted January 27, 2016 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Revision Surgery

Breast revision surgery is a procedure that removes or replaces breast implants from a previous breast augmentation. The reasons to choose this procedure range from simply wanting to change the size or type of implant to correcting a complication, which is a possibility even at the hands of a very experienced plastic surgeon. Here are a few of the top reasons to consider breast revision surgery:

To Change the Size or Type of Implant

Some women are immediately unhappy with the size or type of implant they chose and seek revision to get their desired outcome. Revision surgery is not recommended until several months after the initial procedure to ensure that all swelling has dissipated and that the breasts have attained their final result. Other women are initially satisfied with the results of their breast augmentation and then develop a different idea of how their breasts should look several years later. They may think that the large, round implants they chose many years ago no longer look balanced with their frame or aging body. Patients might also consider a new type of implant that wasn’t available when they first got the procedure done, which may provide a more natural look and feel.  Breast Secondary Corrective Surgery Before and After

To Correct Asymmetry

The majority of women prefer silicone implants over saline due to their more natural feel. Unlike saline implants, however, the size of silicone implants cannot be adjusted during surgery, which can pose a challenge to more inexperienced surgeons and result in uneven breasts. Asymmetry can also occur naturally with the passing of time. During breast revision surgery, the implant pocket can be adjusted and reinforced with suturing techniques or ADMs (acellular dermal matrices) to enhance the shape of the breasts and ensure they are symmetrical.

To Repair Implant Rupture

Although implant rupture is very rare, especially with silicone implants, it can still occur. The ruptured implant will be removed, and the surrounding tissues will be adjusted to hold the replacement. Both implants can be removed if the patient would like a different type of implant that is less susceptible to rupture.

To Correct Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is one of the most common risks of breast augmentation. It occurs when the scar tissue that develops around the implant becomes tight. The tissue squeezes the implant, causes pain or discomfort, and often results in an obviously deformed breast shape. Surgery to correct this complication usually involves complete removal of the implant and scar tissue along with the creation of a new pocket within the breast for a replacement implant.

To Correct Implant Rippling

Rippling occurs more often in saline implants and in patients who are thin or who have thin skin. This can be corrected with the use of a different type of implant or with placement below the muscle.

To Correct Other Complications

Breast revision surgery can correct other rare complications such as double bubble deformity, bottoming out, and other forms of implant malposition. These complications usually involve removing the implant, creating a new breast pocket, and placing new implants.

The decision to get breast revision surgery is sometimes elective, but sometimes it is necessary when complications are present. Whatever the reason, Dr. Messa can help you achieve the results you desire. To schedule your breast revision consultation, please call 954.659.7760 or fill out our online contact form today for more information.

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