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Charles A. Messa, III, MD, FACS

Why Women Choose Labiaplasty

Posted September 26, 2017 in Labiaplasty

front view of fit young woman in white bikiniYou may have heard about labiaplasty, also known as “the procedure no one talks about.” Labiaplasty is surgery to improve the vaginal labial area. Many people wonder why someone would choose to get cosmetic surgery in such a sensitive area of the body that few people will ever see. Because no one talks about it, many assume that the pornography industry or extreme self-confidence issues are the main reasons behind the procedure, but there are actually many more common reasons why women choose labiaplasty.

Discomfort and Hygiene Issues

The inner or outer labia may be large due to genetics, or it may have been stretched from childbirth, creating sagging skin that causes discomfort. The labia may not completely fit in underwear or bikini bottoms and can cause uncomfortable chafing and skin irritation. Excess skin also makes hygiene difficult, which can cause chronic yeast infections.


Women may be embarrassed about the appearance of the size of their labia not only in physically intimate situations but also if their labia can be seen through tight clothing or swimwear. Gym locker rooms and waxing appointments may be places these women avoid because they are concerned their labial appearance is not “normal.” Although there is much variety naturally among the appearance of female genitalia, excessive skin is often a more bothersome concern.

Affects Physical Activity

Enlarged labia can get in the way during sexual intercourse, and it may even cause pain. Bicycle riding, running, or almost any other sport that requires a lot of leg movement can be physically limiting and uncomfortable. Labiaplasty can remedy these concerns by removing the excess skin (and sometimes fat) from the area so that the overall appearance and functionality improves.

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